Soulless – Freak of Nature


I am adamant based on my own personal experience that narcissistic are truly soulless beings. I will refer to them as human (human meaning slave). We are all living souls – except that is the narcissistic – they are soulless.  Why you may ask are they soulless? Because for a being to cause intentional emotional deep seated harm and inflict immense, immeasurable pain which causes not only short term but long term damaged; l can safely say l am being fair in labeling them as soulless. You must remember l am currently experiencing this abuse and feel l have come to my end in dealing with him. I must also remind even the strongest soul that you maybe, you cannot win over a narcissistic, you cannot and should not deal with him/her in any shape or form. My best advice is to GET OUT, RUN AND RUN BLOODY FAST.


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